Friday, August 15, 2014

Steve posing with one of his fully framed picture options in 2003
I left my job as a PC software developer in the year 2000 to pursue my dream of becoming a landscape photographer. 

I started a business called Photography and sold B&W and color prints, matted prints, fully framed prints, picture mugs, note cards and greeting cards for about four years.

The business did well for the first two years, but after that it started to wane. 

Fortunately, the web site that I created as a place to market my photography (, proved to have value all it's own and I was able to switch from selling photography to a selling web site subscriptions.

Steve posing with his medium format camera 2003
Ultimately the web site business ran it's course and I went back to work as a software developer. 

I have no regrets, for it was a fun period of my life, with lots of hiking, camping, and enjoyment of the outdoors. And had I not tried, I would forever have wondered "What if?"

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